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Sobering Reality of a DUI Charge

A DUI Charge is Very Serious

Driving under the influence is a severe crime in every state. The consequences of a conviction are life-altering. If you don't seek professional DUI lawyers to protect your rights, You may face:

• Jail time
• Job loss
• Loss of driver's license
• Insurance coverage complications
• Impoundment of vehicle
• Ignition interlock device
• Probation
• Community service
Alcohol education/treatment/assessment
• Restricted interstate or international travel

Any of these punishments can significantly affect your lifestyle. Imagine blowing into an ignition interlock device every time you start your car, and every ten minutes you’re driving. How about insurance rate increases and difficulty finding coverage, or even worse, losing your drivers license? What if you lost your vehicle, job, or freedom? These are the stark realities of a DUI conviction.

Even More Punishments

If that isn’t bad enough, the severity of penalty increases if this isn’t your first offense. In many states multiple offenders can face twice the penalty. These individuals face the full force of the judicial system.

Lawmakers everywhere are constantly introducing new bills that tighten DUI Penalties and Laws. It can be very intimidating for an individual to face the constant threats of lawmakers, police, and prosecutors. It may feel like the whole world is against you. But there is someone who understands. Professional and experienced DUI lawyers are in every part of the country. Welcome to DUI Lawyers.net. It’s here that you can be sure to find an experienced lawyer who will hear your concerns and work for you. A DUI specialist attorney can minimize your serious charges, or even have them completely dismissed.

Retain Your Freedom

You MUST have someone on your side that knows the DUI laws in your state inside and out. You need a lawyer who specializes in DUI with experience tackling cases the same as yours – with positive results. Don’t open the phone book. We’ve already done the hard work finding qualified DUI lawyers for you! It is imperative that you act quickly!

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